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i fear that i am ordinary, just like everyone

is it really the 23rd of august already?
good lord this summer has all but disappeared already and i was just starting to enjoy it. well, at least july and the first week of this month were faboo.
the fog today was incredible. i love how it rolls across the parking lot outside my office window and is so hypnotic. almost like snow. it makes me realise that winter and lying in front of the fireplace is not very far off indeed.
yesterday, i went on my first motorcycle ride in 17 years. and my very first on a harley-davidson. very loud, not very comfortable, definitely very cool.
(interesting fact #92 - the person who owns the bike is named gary coleman.)
i'll prolly go again. its fun having redneck biker friends. i never would have thought that at this time last year. and they have surprised me by being very accepting. unlike most all of my friends, which, have not.

today is all about work, then a visit to targay for assorted september necessities, then possibly a visit to my local quiznos for some honey bacon club goodness. mmm-hmmm.
and then more work tomorrow. its all overtime from here on out, which is great because i really need it right now.
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