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hello chris? this is lauren...

for some reason I can remember most of this dream. I had decided to call gigglecam out of the blue on my cel phone and chat. She was home for the day, on vacation she said. So, Im chatting away with her on the phone (complete with bad cel reception...) and then the apartment is on fire and we have to get out now! so Im running away, still talking to her and then I am in Tacoma, down by the bridge still trying to talk to her on the phone. (how is San Diego? how did you start you cam? how is marty? etc..) it was hard to hear because of the traffic. Then I am in some park, and Jerry is there swimming in a pond like a fish. So cute to see your cat swim! then I end up at my Folks house, still on the phone and Terra and CB show up, but I kinda ignore them because Im trying to talk to her on the phone still. I hand the phone to terra, but she cant hear anything (?) so I grab it back quickly because I dont want her to hang up and continue chatting. Terra is wearing something white with blue polka dots and she is late for a therapy? appt. CB and Terra leave and then I finally get off the phone (very nice talking to you chris.) wake up to Jerry crying and I remembered most of it!
The cel phone did this weird thing where the front would flip around like one of the newer car cd players do. Very odd. I wonder why I had to call chris in san diego?
I tell Terra about the dream and it turns out she remembers hers also. She was trying to join some mafia group and the guy next to her slipped her some drug into her drink and she pours it out and accuses him of trying to drug her.
:: ::
Last night was weird, we had expected to hook up with Bill and go to Chevys for dinner, but he disappeared, I kept trying to call him, but he never returned my calls. SO TL and Terra and I went out to eat, and sat at the bar and drank Lava Lamps. Mmmm.... Lava Lamps.
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