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wonderful weekend, thank you very much

Tl came by on Friday around 7pm and for some reason terra felt like questioning her on a bunch of things, which she didn't mind really but it was different because terra seemed to be genuinely interested in what she had to say. Terra also apologized for an incident that happened a few months ago. Tl really thought that was sweet, she really had hoped to get an apology. Better late than never! We shared some bong tokes then TL and I went to Chevys for drinks and appetizers. Mmm the food at Chevys is so different tasting than any other mex restaurant its very good and always fresh! But this night the waitress could not get our drink orders right at all. I think I had a couple lava lamps, but I know I was served unknown drinks and had to return them. We sat next to another girl couple and one of them was really cute, she kinda looked like Terra, but with a different nose. They noticed me about half way into their dinner and I could tell they were whispering to each other about me I don't really mind that anymore. There isnt anything that I can do about it. I had fuzz because electro was the next morning. When we left I made sure to smile and wave goodbye to them. That always works!
Saturday I had early Electro, and I really hate/love that. Im really loving the way my face feels these days and every minute of electro is worth it and I just adore my electrolysist Sara, she is so awesome! She gave me a copy of "Time, Love, memory" to read this week then Im giving it to TL.
After Electro I had to work overtime to finish up some drawings that B couldn't get to in time. I worked 5 hours then came home. It was so eerie to be in this huge building with all the lights off alone, I don't think there were too many employees here at 6pm Saturday night. Came home, got all comfy cozy in my PJs and watched teevee most of the evening with Terra.
Yesterday TL called me around 930 and we decided to go shopping at Country Village for the day. I got ready and went to get her then we got some delicious vanilla lattes and drove out to Snohomish via the new River road (which is perfect now!) and then down towards Bothell and country village, our destination. I love going there to visit 'Hooterville", which is a halfway house for abandoned cats and dogs. I usually cry my eyes out there, but I did well this time ( I think I cried out all my tears last week!) There was one kitty that looked just like Jerrys dad, and he was sleeping on a towel tooI wish I could take them all home! Tl found this super cute Lady Bug cookie jar. I didn't find anything, but one store had some gorgeous jewelry and reasonably priced too!
Then we went out to OG for lunch and that was awesome. I ate way too much! OG is permanently busy anymore. So we sat in the bar and didn't have to wait at all!
Afterwards I took TL home and then I headed back to MBA to finish up my laundry. She invited me back over to the house to watch the Simpsons later, and so I did, and it was a very nice and comfortable end to the weekend. (Well then I came back to the apt and terra was definitely in a good mood *smiles* )
Tonight Terra and I are going to get all of the supplies we need for our upcoming SRS, Im going to get everything ready that way in case my date changes I will be prepared. 365 days.
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