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Im on your side... no where to hide

I think a couple things helped out my situation this week with roomie, one, I asked her if she had ever helped anyone, if she had ever given of herself unconditionally (to which she couldn't answer) and two, I had her watch Albert Brooks'- "defending your life".
It appears, at least on a conscious level, to have worked. I am surprised-, I didn't think I could penetrate that thick skull in the least. Shes very stubborn.
As a result of this, things are definitely better today.
And don't get me wrong, I am glad Terra is my friend. Especially in this year of missing friends. Its just not exactly the perfect situation to grow a friendship in.
And the good news today is that she got her letters of recommendation!
On the home front, TL came by last night to share some delicious pez and after a couple bong hits we decided to get some dinner out. Well that turned out to be taco bell, which is alright considering how poor I am these days. Then we went back to the house to watch the worst movie ever,
'freddy got fingered' - just horrible. Im sorry harland williams.
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You also like Harland Williams? Joy!