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Things couldnt be more lovely

I just love the way the fog rolls in around here and hides most of the trees, gives it such an ethereal quality to life. I just wish it would snow! being that its cold enough for it today.
Im so busy at work, I was just handed the entire endcap engineering package and I guess Im going to be the sustaining engineer from now on. Which is a good thing and keeps me out of the work cell. I hate the work cell.
TL is coming by tonight, she happened to get a call from JM and is going to be getting some good pez today (which she is kind enough to share.) She was sure in a bad mood last night. I hope she doesnt have a repeat of yesterday.
I had meant to get out last night and attend dinner and a movie at Wildrose, but you know I have discovered that I really cant take terra out in social situations. She cant deal with it and besides she isnt really the company Im looking for to be with in a place like that. To be honest Terra isnt the least bit interested in me or my life so it makes most conversations very one sided. And Im just getting back into the habit of doing things solo.
Since Im quite alone now, I have to make the best of it. Sara recommended the Unitarian church to me, to hopefully meet interesting intelligent people, but Im not big on church, so I haven't gone. I need to realize that Sara is more insightful and wise about these things, plus she has helped so many people out like myself who are looking to get more out their lives. Sara is really my closest friend these days and I dont think she even knows it.
I hope things turn out well for terra today, I really do. I dont wish her any disappointment, I just wish she would open her eyes and see whats really going on around her.
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