neither here nor there just right beside you (tgpeanut) wrote,
neither here nor there just right beside you

the time is now twenty oh two...

oops its been awhile!
I just havent found myself in front of a computer to write anything, but now that I am back to work...
its just the same as when I left it last year, except someone sat at my desk and ate a lot of mcdonalds apple pies and didnt throw out the trash. bastards.
Lets have a brief recap shall we?
Xmas was alright, my brother and his family were there and it was all very civil, although my brother did not use my new name (citing religious reasons) ~ he didnt use my old name either. It was weird because there were these presents that didnt have any name on them, turns out they were mine.
Terra spent the holiday with my family, which was very nice. She did well and I think had a good time playing with my 2 yr old niece, Hayden.
I got to go clothes shopping with my mom! which was a wonderful experience and definitely one that I had always hoped for, but never expected. I got some new jeans, jewelry and a scarf. I think we will shop together again soon. My mom is the best!
Tls folks were in town for almost the entire break, so I didnt get to see her very much. I didnt get a chance to talk with her parents either, I guess (from what TL says) is that they are still very mad at me. oh well, their loss.
I did manage to get out and do some exploring in my new van (named 'Xoe' btw) ~ went to Deception Pass and to the mountains and a lot of driving around Seattle. Went to the Henry art museum too, which had a really cool anime exhibit, but there were too many security guards to really enjoy myself... they just watch you and its quite uncomfortable.
Being on vacation afforded me the opportunity to reflect a little on the past year, a year of tumultuous change for my friends, family and I.
I think Im doing okay, and for the most part they are as well. There are a lot of things coming up this year too, so I know its going to be a crazy one.
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