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89 days

I have a little time, so might as well write!
Im so happy for Terra, I cant believe she only has 89 freaking days to go... lots of things to get accomplished before then and this changes things for me too somewhat. I have a feeling my own date is going to be much sooner than I had expected and Im not ready for it. At least in the sense of having taken care of everything that needs to be done. As far as mentally, I am so ready... I wish I didnt have to wait at all.
So last night was good, filled with all sorts of good news. I think Terra is still in shock.
Im sure Rhondas will move up today and then mine soon after that. Where is Rhonda btw? I havent seen her in weeks...

Im supposed to be picking up my new van tonight, but I guess its still not ready! this drives me crazy, why cant they ever give you a realistic date for when it will be done? argh....
they said it would be ready last friday.
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