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the grind (slave to)

oh my what a long week... work has been extremely busy lately. Most of our crew rest design has been finalized and it nows moves into the actual drawing process. Hopefully I will be able to get some overtime out of it. Ive been doing PDM all week and I think it is starting to drive me krazy.
Went out last night with TL, I had to get my xmas shopping accomplished and somehow I managed to get most of it done. I just have to find something for Terra and my dad and then Im done. I also need to figure out what Im going to wear to my parents house for xmas. This will be the first time that my brother has seen me, and also the first time my folks will have seen me dressed up all sparkly-like.
Terra has been really depressed lately. Ive realized that I have taken on somewhat of a 'parenting' role with her, its new for me and Im not very good at it. But I want to help her all that I can, she has done so much for me already I feel indebted. I have been getting her up and out of bed by 5am the past couple days and that seems to be working well, although I hate getting up any earlier than I have to...
I just found out that Im not getting the van until monday, so I am sad.
I think I shall have to go spend some time with Anakin to feel better today, and since its Friday, I think a viewing of 'Friday" is most fitting.
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