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Terra's Folks

...came to visit for the weekend. I thought they were very nice parents. I really enjoyed the few minutes we all had together that didnt include bitching at Terra for not doing this or that. They are obsessed with Terras surgery, to the point where they dont think Terra is serious enough about it to them. That she will somehow fail the requirements and not be allowed. That she is also taking advantage of me and not putting effort into finding a job~ I had to deal with that all weekend and didnt have much, if any, time for myself. They did some very nice things for her and I though, like buying our groceries for the next couple weeks and taking us out to dinner. I realize they only want to help in any way they can, and they do.. Yesterday we took them to the Space Needle gift shop and to the pike place market before they had to be at the airport.. I felt like such a tourist!
It also snowed in the morning and it was so beautiful, but it didnt stick around unfortunately.
Today I am wearing this mood changing nail polish that B gave me last week, it was a pain to apply and it looks weird, but It does change colour according to temperature. Hmmm...weird.
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