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paranoid perhaps

I was so hoping that I would wake up with snow on the ground today, no such luck... probably wont see anymore of that this year. Im actually hoping we get more because I need to learn how to drive in it and the van is going to be perfect for that.
Terra is out on a job interview right now! I hope she gets it, she desperately needs work. She has done a pretty good job of keeping my kitty busy during the day and housework. I do appreciate it very much. I know Jerry does too. Its been nice to have a friend around to talk to whenever I need one. She is a great friend to me...In a year when I have questioned all my friendships, and needed someone to talk to. Basically I only have 2 friends at this point, Terra and TL. I thought Rhonda was a friend, but she has turned out to be a bit flaky and I haven't spoken with her in a couple weeks. I would like to consider Sara a friend as well, but I dont see her outside of my electro appts and I pay her for her time anyway.
Tonight we are going over to Bs and getting the last of the pez for the year. B says its incredible, much more potent than the last (and I thought that was primo~) then we shall go to Homegrown for new lighters and I want to look at the glass bowls again for TL. B brought in a sample for me this morning. Its sitting here next to me buried deep inside my purse. I can sense it. I want to look at it. Im paranoid that I would get caught, although I dont know who would care... 84% of my group are stoners.
Work is a nightmare these days, I have way too much and not enough time... I just learned that my lead is going to be transferred to another group~ Im sure its due to his poor attendance. I wonder who will replace him? its going to be interesting to find out who and why.
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