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dreaming I am, definitely. there will be no substitute. I am an original. There will be no exceptions.
these are the facts
Almond Joy lattes are quite tasty on a brisk fall morning.
Driving aimlessly seems to fullfill my wanderlust. Being out and about near the water makes life more peaceful, especially if there is little or no traffic. I wish Sunday were more than just one day.
Awhile ago, TL and I invented 'Sunnerday', which takes place between saturday and sunday. An extra day if you will, squeezed inbetween. Accomplished by getting up early saturday morning, but retiring early as possible, say 7 or 8 pm~ awaking very early sunday morning (sunnerday) say 12 or 1 am and actually doing something....then going back to bed in the early morning hours and sleeping until 2 sunday afternoon.. my last sunnerday memory~ driving to Bellingham at 3am in a torrential downpour.

Busy at work today, I have too much to do and not enough time. And I know that it will only get worse once the contractors leave. Also, The lease is up at MBA and it looks like I will be staying another 6 months, hopefully Terra will get a job soon and we can start saving up to move into another place.
Her parents come on Friday for the weekend. This should be interesting to meet them. Im also getting the Van on saturday~ really looking forward to this weekend a lot. And its only Monday!!
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