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the living-impaired

I am not awake today. Stayed up way too late last night. I dont want to be here at work. I want to play and run and laugh and oh yeah I forgot, Im not a kid anymore.
I had dinner with TL last night, I wore my Pj's to the house and she didnt mind. I just wanted to be comfy. We didnt talk about anything important, I dont know if she didnt feel like it or is tired of discussing things. Oh well. We did catch a program about daily egyptian life 3000 years ago. Quite interesting to discover that egyptian women had more rights than even american women did up until the 1950's. They were allowed to own property and have jobs and live their own lives pretty much.
Today Im going to Seattle with Terra, she has a Dr. appt and doesnt know how to find the office. Should be fun. I sincerely hope she is awake and out job-hunting as I write this, her lack of work is starting to become a strain on our situation. Plus I feel like Im the only one really cleaning the apt more often than not. She doesnt really care about her living conditions, but I certainly do. I cant deal with a messy house, it makes me anxious until I can clean it up. And my folks are coming to visit tomorrow, so it has to be clean and tidy. I hope it turns out well, it will be the first time my folks have been to MBA and also the first time meeting Terra.
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