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down to the 3rd power

my tooth hurts today, so luckily I had some vicodin in my purse (from electro on saturday) and I just took one. It feels better, but now Im feeling a bit spacy for being at work. whoops! I think it improved my mood a bit too. I was on the verge of tears all day yesterday... for various reasons, Im sure most of it was due to hormones... but I was still very sad about some things. Friendship for one, being transgendered in a decidedly non-transgendered world is another. Not having any positive transgender role models doesnt help either.
I never really felt like I fit in anywhere and I still dont. Probably never will.
I also realized I have only two friends at this point in my life, I feel like I have to start over again in that area and its not going to be easy, especially living where I do. I dont want to move away from TL at all, but I know that my social life would improve if I were living somewhere much closer to Seattle. I dont even know if i really want anymore friends. I need good true friends, and they are impossible to find!
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