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To Chris, with love

Chris and I wrote each other yesterday, He wanted to know what my take on last thursday was. This was my reply;
"Yes It was interesting the other night. I'm sorry you were uncomfortable. You have to realize one thing about Terra, she is extremely honest and forthright. She will speak her mind if something is bothering her. She was really excited to meet you and she was excited for me to see you again and have you come visit. for some reason I had thought that you were coming over alone, and I didnt expect Trace to stop by either. For a few minutes there I felt like it was you three visiting each other in my apt and I wasn't there. Terra noticed that and said something about it. She knows that I have been feeling like you three are all good friends now and Im not a part of that anymore. I know it upset all of you, including myself since I wont speak up for me, but I cant apologize for her or the situation.
It also hurt a bit that heather said my badge photo was unattractive. You know I may not be pretty, but I am actually proud of that badge even if the photo is crap. I dont get many compliments from anyone, either positive or negative, so I dwell on any comments I get at all.
Anyway, its no big deal, Im not upset about any of this. I want to be your friend... Im glad that you were able to come over, I hope it wasnt too uncomfortable and you will want to come back. Heather also made a comment that I could have stopped by your place at anytime previous, but does she know that I wanted to do just that but you told me that you weren't comfortable with that yet?
And yes it was difficult hearing 'he' and my old name, I know its hard for you but I know you can do it. It would help if I saw you more, you would get more at ease with things like that. I promise."
He just read it a few minutes ago but hasnt replied yet.
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