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the last rant about this I swear!
I'm feeling like all my friends that I had before transition really don't care about me.
Im so sad about that, but I have to pick myself up and move on with my life.
I cant cry anymore about something I have no control over. I just have to realize that those individuals had a conditional friendship with me, that they would only be there for me if I was a male.
Homophobia is just a cop out excuse for cowardice and fear and lack of knowledge.
I keep foolishly hoping that they will all come to their senses and do something to show me that they do indeed care about me. A note or a call or something. A visit from chris perhaps. I really hoped that chris would've stopped by MBA sometime last week. Well its been 2 weeks since I invited him over again
(for the 46378836th time) and no chris. He barely even calls me. But when I call him on his lack of friendship he gets offensive and claims that he is still my best friend and isn't going anywhere ( but where are you chris?)
Last night TL went out to dinner with Heather, chris' girlfriend. Well they invited him along too. Might as well since he would just be home alone. So there are 3 of my closest friends; my wife and my best friend from HS and his G/f having a wonderful little evening, and I am sitting at home eating spaghetti-os. Crying my eyes out because I am so lonely. Thank god for Terra and Jer-bear.
So anyway I am done with my pre transition friends.
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